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Multi-Platform Optics

What are the benefits of using multi-platform optics? Which form factors and transceivers are available with multi-platform functionality? If you have these or similar questions about multi-platform optics, we have you covered. In this crash course, Systems Engineer Michael Ciniglia provides an overview on the topic, explaining:

  • Optimal use cases

  • The most commonly used form factors

  • The advantages over traditional NEM coded optics

  • The difference between “generic”, “platform-specific”, and “multi-platform” parts

  • And more!

Traditionally, Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) have not provided a transceiver solution that enables ease of sparing and cost-effective deployment. Multi-platform optics solve these pain points, helping companies transform their inventories and sparing procedures while cutting costs. Learn more about the advantages of multi-platform optics and their role in optimizing network infrastructure - download our FAQ doc today!


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