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Webinar - 400G Network Modernization Strategies & Considerations


The widespread use of mission critical, data-intensive services have accelerated more now than ever, and the desire for cloud-ready network infrastructure to support modern battlespace requirements is growing. Seamless connectivity demands higher bandwidth capacity and lower latency, thus network operators are turning to the adoption of 400G optical technologies as part of their network modernization strategy. 

400G network upgrades provide the potential to accommodate future jumps to 800G data rates and beyond. This higher data rate also helps with latency issues, ensuring warfighters remain combat-ready through real-time information. Despite the benefits, 400G network modernization comes with increased operational and interoperability complexities that every network operator must consider before deploying. 

In this webinar, our experts will cover the range of challenges and considerations, including:

  • Network modernization strategies
  • The emergence/deployment of 400G digital coherent optics (DCO) and the new dynamic of multi-vendor interoperability 
  • Considerations of 400G network upgrades with supply chain constraints 
  • 400G breakout architectures Deployment complexities in a mixed vendor environment 
  • And much more…

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